What does it really mean to be organized? 

I am asked by all my clients if my house is super organized and if everything is perfect. I laugh…every single time. In fact, I’ve had the same response for 15 years.To me, being organized isn’t about having bins in every cabinet with labels, or having a spotless house with my books color coordinated and only 3 items on each shelf in my pantry. 

To me being organized is a few different things:

  1.  Having a spot for most things in your home. This doesn’t mean that everything is always in the right spot, but more importantly when your home or area needs to be cleaned up you are more likely to do it because you have a “home” for things that are laying around. We are all more likely to put things away if they have a designated area that works. 
  2.  Purging, or not holding on to “stuff.” This “stuff” whether it is junk mail or clothing is what takes up SO much space in our homes and in turn over time it is what causes our areas to be difficult to keep organized and neat. If we did not organize whatsoever and only purged and threw out our junk and donated items in our homes and personal spaces, we would be so much better off. Our “stuff” doesn’t hold memories…our minds do. We need to remember that. I try and get my clients to start new habits. Being able to make decisions and to get rid of items before they start piling up is a HUGE part of getting our spaces organized. Whether it’s old clothing , picture frames or old papers from years ago. These items can be difficult to part with, but yet too many items that we hold on to are the exact items that when we have too much of becomes the problem. 
  3. It’s ok to have empty spaces. I’m always asked after we empty out an area “what should we put here?” If it’s not something that is clear right away I always say, let’s wait and see. It will reveal itself and if it doesn’t we leave it empty. Having an empty space brings me to the last part of what it means to be organized. Empty spaces are freedom. Freedom to know an area is not full of junk, freedom to have a home for a future item, freedom to move something from an overstuffed area and thin it out. 

We live in days that are filled with Instagram and other social media pics that can make us feel like we are doing something wrong, or we are inferior to what we see posted. I feel that being organized is two parts purging, one part using space wisely that works and one part having the right organizing accessories. 

So to answer the question ‘Is my home super organized…?”

Ask yourself these three questions: 

Do I have “homes” to put things back when my home gets messy (and it does!!!)

Am I good, really good at purging?’

 Am I being organized by forming new habits…..not by having labels and everything done by color? 

If your answer is yes, then YES you are organized!

Now go throw out some junk mail!😘