It’s cold. It’s grey. You feel like doing nothing.

I always did my best, and enjoyed large projects most, when I did them with someone. Not because I wasn’t capable of doing a project alone, I just always liked collaborations more and tended to stay on task longer if I had the motivation of someone else by my side. I do my best work around the home when I’m on the phone. Laundry doesn’t seem so difficult to put away, the dishwasher is emptied before I know it and I actually cleaned out and organized a cupboard before I even hung up the phone. So much can get done In a matter of an afternoon.

I have heard time and time again from my clients about how they wished they tackled a project earlier if they only knew how easy it was going to be with the help of us (Organize Detroit).  We also hear “Tell me what to do and I can do it, but being the project manager of this is way too overwhelming.”  Having someone “think” for you sometimes can be a nice break and it can allow you to look at something or a space differently.

This is a great time of year (considering we aren’t doing much other than watching TV) to work on and think about everything we could be doing…basically, it’s a great time to tackle a project. It doesn’t have to be big…but it sure could be the BIG PROJECT YOU HAVE BEEN MEANING TO GET DONE, too.

For me I know I have a lot of pictures that once hung on my walls that will never be hung again. I’d like to donate the frames and put my pictures all together in one area. For me, I like editing spaces. Edited spaces give you freedom to make choices. More places to store “stuff” or just the freedom to know that not every space in your house is filled. I personally like owning less. Maybe not fewer shoes :), but fewer other things. After the  New Year, make time to clean up. It doesn’t have to be a formal “resolution,” just a day to clean up an area or two. Empty spaces, tidy spaces, organized spaces are all freeing to our heads. If you are like me and work better together, or just want someone to lead the way every now and then, give us a call. We can show you that a group effort of organizing and repurposing an area doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Welcome to the New Year. Love to all of you!