Andrea Wolf

Andrea Wolf was born and raised in the West Bloomfield area. She is a MSU graduate, mother of 3 and a lover of helping people! She started Organize Detroit with a passion and skillset of organizing and decluttering, which is something many others really struggle with. She believes and witnesses the effect of what an organized space does for mental health and that everyone deserves to have spaces that help bring calmness and positivity into their lives. She was able to marry the love of helping people with her love of solving problems and organizing spaces. Organize Detroit is going to continue to help households and people for years to come.

In her personal life, there is nothing she enjoys more than being with her 3 daughters and her husband. They love spending time with friends, traveling and entertaining at their house. Surrounding herself with people fills her soul.

Traci Feldman

Traci is a transplant from New York who found her way to Michigan in 1999 as a Student at U of M studying Psychology. After graduation she moved to Chicago where she received her Masters degree in Elementary Education from DePaul University. She returned to Michigan and began her career as an elementary school teacher.

Through this experience, she learned that she had an innate ability to organize whatever chaos came her way. After having 2 children (that are now 12 & 14) she decided to move her focus from the classroom to raising her own children (and managing their chaos!).  Years later, she realized that all these years of chaos control led to her passion for organizing.  For her, organizing is more than just making things “look” neat and orderly, it is about helping people create space for what matters most both in their homes and in their lives. She finds it so rewarding to see how much lighter clients feel once their homes have been decluttered and they have a maintainable system to use moving forward. When she is not “organizing” she enjoys working out, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.  

Leslie Berg

Leslie has been working for Organize Detroit for five years!  She was born and raised here in the metro Detroit area, and left to attend college at the University of Arizona. While in college she studied child development and psychology. She put that degree to use teaching preschool locally for a number of years.  She didn’t realize it then, but her college studies prepared her for the job at Organize Detroit. She finds that a big part of helping people get their homes organized is understanding each client as an individual and creating a space that works best for them and their families. Her favorite part of the job is making a difference in the daily lives of clients.  When she is not busy organizing, she enjoys spending time with her family. She has two children – one at MSU and the other will be heading off to college next year. She loves crossing items off of her bucket list and is currently getting close to reaching her goal of visiting all seven continents!

Lisa Fisher

One of the newest team members of Organize Detroit, Lisa has a natural affinity for organizing and decluttering.

Married to her husband Jay for 28 years, and mother to Ben (24), Jessie (22), and Daniel (17), there has always been plenty of opportunity to practice and hone these skills! Lisa grew up in West Bloomfield, graduated from MSU, moved to Chicago, then came back to MI.

One of her most challenging and satisfying jobs was working for 10 years as the Arts & Crafts Director for Willoway Day Camp. There she successfully turned a cluttered & disheveled craft area into a functional, effective, enjoyable space for 300+ kids to experience, relax & enjoy creating many different kinds of art! Lisa is thrilled to be part of the Organize Detroit team!