Are you moving or looking to move?

If so, then this article is perfect for you!

Through all my years of working within the home, in organizing and packing, I’ve come to realize one thing: 

Packing up your garage is by far the most difficult room “in the house.”

Many people believe it’s the kitchen- with all the glasses, dishes, and awkward pans and pots.

However, that is a piece of cake compared to the garage simply because our garage, for so many of us, seems to collect all the large, unruly items we own- landscaping and gardening supplies, tools, excess furniture, extra paint, keepsakes, coolers, grills, etc. 

That’s why in this month’s blog, I’m giving you access to all my favorite tips and tricks. 

Create Four Piles 

Before you do ANY packing, it is essential you first go through the items. For example, do you REALLY need that extra can of paint?

The four piles I suggest making are: Donate, Trash, Recycle, and Keep. 

Place Alike Items Together 

After you’ve cleaned out your garage and figured out which items you are keeping, it is time to group similar items together. For example, brooms or flower pots. 

Once you have similar items together, you can get a visual for any packaging supplies you may need. Remember: So many garage items can be oddly shaped which means speciality packing. 

P.S. Consider any safety measures, for example blades. Bubble wrap is a great way to protect them, or using old towels and linens. 

Do NOT pack these items

Some items are better placed in a cooled car instead of the air tight, hot truck. These items are: paint and paint thinners, pesticides, propane tanks, aerosol cans, car batteries, pool chemicals, and cleaning chemicals. 

Clean Off Items

Before packing your items, I suggest taking a damp cloth or towel to gently clean any outdoor, dirty, dusty, or spider webbed items. 

Label Boxes 

The biggest tip I can give for ANY packing is to label, label, label. 

Don’t just write ‘pots’ because this could be confusing, instead write ‘small-medium flower pots, garage.” The more clues the better! Even if it is a clear container, still label! 

Separate Essential Items

Since the order of significance in terms of unpacking typically favors inside the home, I suggest packing a box of essential garage items. That way if it takes you weeks to unpack the garage items, you don’t end up sifting through 10 boxes looking for a few things. 

As always, packing is best done with a team. I would love to be on yours! Give me a call today.