Spring has sprung and it’s that time of year – your neighbor’s windows are open and garage doors are up, and yard work is in full swing. But if you’re embarrassed for your neighbors to see the collection of stuff your garage has accumulated over the winter, this article is for you! Today I am laying out my top organization tips for keeping your garage tidy all summer long, so pull those cars out of the garage and roll up your sleeves because we’re getting down and dirty.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your garage space!

Things get worse before they get better

Start with pulling just about everything you own out of the garage! This will give you the space you need for a good sweeping and spider web wack down.

Have the family on hand

A lot of what is in your garage can usually be thrown away or donated, but make sure you run these past their owners. 10 years later and a family member of mine still won’t let go of the snowboard his father threw away.

Have a designated spot for everything!

There is no reason for a wrench to be found in the kids’ toy box. Make sure your garage is sectioned to make finding what you’re looking for easy and fast. Here are some examples of areas you may want to have:

  • Workspace (tools, tape, nuts and bolts, garden supplies).
  • Kids toys and sports equipment
  • Restock items (dog food, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, food, beer/soda)
  • Big items (lawnmower, snow blower, weed wacker)
  • Tall items (brooms, shovels, rakes)

Switch out your snowblower for your lawnmower

Make sure to move your snow blower to the back and your lawnmower to the front for easy access.

Clear Bins: Easy to see what is in there and always use large labels 

Clear bins from The Container Store

Try using metal adjustable shelving units.

These are super helpful to put clear plastic bins on.  You can adjust shelves for larger objects and bins as well as keeping shelves smaller for other items that you don’t want to waste space with. 

Adjustable Metal Shelving from Home Depot

Tool Peg Board  

To avoid shuffling through a toolbox every time you need a wrench consider a pegboard. 

Wooden pegboard from Uline

Utilize Your Wall Space with a Tool Rack  

Avoiding rummaging through a closet while your broom falls into the shovel, knocking your weedwacker onto your toes. A tool rack for your yard tools is an amazing alternative. Check these ones out! 

Yard Tool Rack from Etsy

Bike Hooks  

Although you may keep your bikes on the ground during the summer, hanging them from the ceiling in the winter can be a great way to create space! Our favorite is the bike lift. 

Bicycle lift from Harbor Freight

Make a Ball Corral  

There is no reason to trip over a soccer ball while taking out the trash. Follow this blog to learn how to make a ball corral.  

Learn to build a ball corral

Can Holders

If you haven’t figured it out yet, using your garage wall (and ceiling) space is necessary for organizational success. These can holders will give you easy access to your spray paints, WD-40, Raid, and whatever other cans you have sitting around. Check out this one! 

Can holder from Etsy

When it comes to organizing your garage there is no limit to how creative you can get, but one thing is for sure, you want to get as much of your stuff off the ground as possible! Have questions on how you can organize your things? Feel free to reach out. And if you use any of these tips and want to show off your new  garage on Instagram, tag us at @organizedetroit.