It’s freezing, it’s snowing and it’s dark out. Don’t look at this in a negative light, look at this as an opportunity! Use the time indoors to begin your clearout for a clean Spring!


Sit down with your family and make a plan. Go room by room and decide how you are going to clean, organize and declutter for the warmer months! The warmer months are very popular for renovations, remodels and moves. I encourage you to start small to get into the groove. Once you’re in it it becomes fun and easy to do! 


Whether it is an annual spring cleaning, moving or starting a home renovation, we can all start to plan with a little bit more confidence. Over the past week, I had two clients getting ready to start a major home renovation. One was adding an addition to the home and one was reconfiguring their current layout of their place. In both cases, my team and I had to pack up their belongings.  


That’s why if you are planning any type of renovation, always think about the end result. How you tackle it on the front end will determine how much you get to enjoy it on the back end. Not to mention how much easier and stress-free your life will be. Trust me. 

If you are remodeling it is very important to pack up and properly seal your clean items. Dust manages to find its way EVERYWHERE in a move or renovation and by taking extra precautions you can keep clothes, tablecloths and anything else fabric CLEAN.  


By taking these steps before you are saving yourself from a LOT of trouble in the coming months. Preventing added stress is very important when going through a remodel or move. 


I cannot stress enough how important clear, sealed, labeled bins are! Labeling your sealed containers makes setting everything back up when everything is done very easy! So easy you can get the kids involved. 


Unpacking can be very overwhelming. With proper labeling you will be able to empty boxes quickly and efficiently. One box in, one box out. Simple as that. So, let’s all get excited for the little things this upcoming spring! Cleaning, renovations, moving, the fresh air and warm temperatures… and hopefully a return to normalcy with social gatherings!