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Resetting Our Spaces for Back to School… How to Stay Organized All Year

It’s that time of year where our lives get hectic again, the weather starts to cool off and our spaces become somewhere that is almost impossible to keep neat… ALMOST. 


With summer coming to an end, it’s extremely important to live in a clean organized space as we try to get back to our regular, scheduled lives. For the past year many of us spent all of our time in our homes, working, studying and just relaxing. Now, with the vaccine rolling out we’re finding that our lives are returning to somewhat of our old normal. There’s school, work, doctor’s appointments, sports, clubs, birthday parties and all the things that if you did not have a calendar you may miss. 


The most important back to school step is finding, creating, and managing a system that works for you and your family.  Children need structure and now is the time to set systems and routines in place to restore some order to your home. 


Around this time of year you can find us doing just that in many homes across the area. Once we leave, it is up to you and your family to be dedicated to keep the system in tact. We find that this is not too difficult because many get excited when they have a neat system that works perfectly for them! 


The number one area we like to start off creating systems in the exit area (the front door, or garage door). This area is incredibly important to keep a system. If you are running late this area needs to be able to help you, not make you later. 


Do you know that a certain part of your home is holding you back from successfully getting out the door?


I would love to take on this important time with you! Just give me a call today.


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How to Organize Your Home Office

Are you transitioning to a new work environment at home? If so, you may be finding it hard to concentrate or be productive. Your quiet workspace may now be filled with little ones running around and you can’t remember if you just set your notes down in the kitchen, the living room, or your bedroom. Luckily, there are a few organizational tricks that can help you be more productive throughout your day. 

(Disclaimer: these are not guaranteed to help settle your kids down.)

Create your office

We know adding an addition to your house may be out of the question, but that is no reason that you can’t set up a small office space in a corner of a room. If at all possible, avoid putting your office in your bedroom. Use either a desk or table that is 100% dedicated to work. Position it against a wall to add storage space. 

Try using a magnetic whiteboard where you can write and display notes, papers and other things that you need to remember and keep track of. They’re perfect for places like the kitchen or a hallway! You easily wipe the whiteboard off with a duster or drying cloth. With the SVENSÅS series from Ikea you can create a personal collage with memo boards in different materials ⎼ and change them as often as you like since they all have the same hanging solution and dimensions.

TIP: Hang these with command strips so you can put them up and take them down safely!

Magnetic Memo Board from IKEA

Need a spot to keep your essential office supplies (or odds and ends) but don’t have drawers? This 3-tier rolling cart works anywhere and still looks good!

3-Tier Rolling Cart from The Container Store

No file cabinet? No problem! These stackable tote boxes are a great size and they’re stackable. I love the clean lines…and they’re not an eyesore to look at!

Stackable File Tote from The Container Store

We hope these tips help you set your day up for success! Make sure to tell us which one of these organizational tools you used and how it has changed your day. What other organizational tools do you swear by?

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