Who We Work With

IMG_3928At Organize Detroit, our goal is to make our clients’ life and work spaces clutter-free and organized,
so that they can live and work as efficiently and productively as possible.

THE RIGHT MATERIALS. We find many people buy all kinds of supplies and materials to try to organize their spaces, yet to find that what they purchased doesn’t exactly function the way they thought it would.

Our services include ordering the RIGHT materials, picking-up or shipping directly to you, and our guidance on using these materials most effectively.

CLIENT PROJECTS.  We work with a variety of clients on all kinds of organizational projects.
Below are several common Organize Detroit projects:


Life gets busy and cluttered – backpacks, shoes, papers, mail, toys, etc.  We can help organize heavy living areas, kids’ rooms, mudrooms, basements – any space in the home that you need!

Offices – Home and Outside the Home

Statistics say that people with organized offices are more productive! We can help with the organization of desks, files, layout of office equipment and materials, and even computer files so that you arrive at an organized office each day and work as productively as possible.


Moving is an overwhelming process!  We can make it less stressful, by helping with home and office moves, home-to-elder facility moves, as well as providing unpacking and move-in services.


When moving to a place with less space, how do you decide what to keep, what to donate, what to sell or what to get rid of?  We work with you on these decisions, and we’ll even take your donations to your charity of choice! (slight disclaimer: as long as it’s not too far away!)

Flood / Fire / Disasters

Anyone who has been through a disaster like a flood or fire knows that these situations can be devastating and feel overwhelming.  We provide the necessary assistance to get you back into your home or office to start off fresh.

Photo Organization

Do you have bags or boxes of photos lying around?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have them organized chronologically in photo albums/books? Let us help make your photo memories beautiful and easy to access, so that when company arrives or you need to find them, you can pull them out easily to share!

Do you have a unique situation that you need help with?  Let us know.

We LOVE making our clients’ lives less crazy through good organization – contact us today so we can help you!